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Victorian Carriage House
Victorian Carriage House

We designed the Victorian Carriage house in the background to match the existing 5000 sq. ft Victorian Home

Why Seacoast Residential Design

Botelho_Front_Final 2012-3
Here at Seacoast Residential Design we take tremendous pride in the designs we create and how we communicate with our customers. We are not only methodical and technical in our approach but we are also true artists. One of our most important services is our 3D Modeling / Design and Premium Renderings that enable all of our clients to visualize their project long before it is constructed. We build a 3D model of the project in our computer that allows us to walk our clients through their design inside and out as well as make changes in real time.

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Customer Empowerment

We believe in YOUR choices, ideas and opinions because it is YOUR home, not ours, we are simply a tool to assist and guide you in your dream. We contribute by presenting our ideas and using our many years of experience, but, you will ultimately be choosing what will stay and what will go. A unique part of our design process is a design team approach, from the time you hire us you become part of our design team, we take every measure to include you in the whole design process and because of this approach everyone involved has more fun, isnít that refreshing?

Knowledge, Skill and Passion

With more than 26 Years of experience as builders and designers, you can rest assured that your project will stand the test of time. We use State-Of-The-Art 3D CAD software which enables our clients to envision their project long before any work is started. Well designed floor plans and attractive exteriors that boast plenty of curb appeal. In addition to our experience we have undergone years of training in the field of construction, from schooling to real world field experience. The genius behind our creativity is our passion for design along with our years of knowledge and skilled training in construction.

Budget Matters

Your budget matters to us, whatever your taste or budget we will provide you with the best design possible without taking away from the visual appeal or surroundings. We remain aware of your budget at all times and can even assist you with determining a budget. We also provide you with a fixed cost for the design so you can relax and enjoy the design process. Our agreements are easy to understand and explain what's included in the cost so there are no surprises.


Construction can be stressful and confusing, even for those whoíve undertaken projects in the past. Mistakes can be very costly. We can guide you through all stages, from determining an appropriate budget, to figuring out what type of design you will continue to love for years to come, not just today. We offer services to help you select a Builder, to monitor construction quality, and to help you avoid financial problems.

In addition to our tailor made designs, we will also tailor our Services to your needs. We are committed to providing the services you need and request, itís that simple!

Training and Technology

Even though we have many years of education and experience it doesnít mean we stop learning, we spend over one hundred hours a year training and keeping up with the ever changing building industry, from seminars to manufacturer product training to meetings with local colleagues, we make sure we stay on top of whatís new and changing, but we donít stop there every year we invest in new equipment and software which allows us to provide the best services possible to our clients